Whitney Bromberg Hawkings is the Founder and CEO of Flowerbx. She started her career in Paris working for Tom Ford at Gucci and after 18 years as SVP of Communications she moved on to found Flowerbx, the online flower delivery service that has become the first global flower brand. Over the past three years, she has launched Flowerbx across the UK, 17 other countries across Europe as well as the East and West Coast of the United States.

Whitney sits down with Journal 22 to discuss her best green thumb tips for getting flowers to last longer, what the hardest thing about being a mum is and why she now believes in soulmates.


Can't live without: Flowers and family.

Favourite apps: Ruby for beauty, Slack and Asana for work, Instagram and Spotify for life and Peanut for solidarity with other women.

How did you meet your husband: A Gucci office romance.

What have you learned from your marriage so far: There is such a thing as a soul mate.

Must read magazine: New 10 Magazine USA - it’s sooo good.

Book recommendation: “Fearless” by my friend Trinny Woodhall. New music your're listening to: Caroline Polachek is a new discovery and Beyonce is eternal.

What do you love most about where you live: MC is my new neighbour!

Your approach to health and wellness: It is absolutely vital to happiness. I exercise every day in every way I can, and it
automatically lifts my mood without fail and increases my productivity.


Where do you want to travel next: Safari with my family.

Favourite hotel:
Depends on the city, of course, but my new crush is the Maybourne in LA.

Favourite museum:
Musee d'Orsay.

Beach getaway:

Favourite cultural experience:
Acropolis and Temple of Poseidon in Greece this summer with my family.

Weekend getaway:

Favourite foreign restaurant:
The River Café in London, Le Voltaire in Paris and Da Giacomo in Milan.


Favourite family heirloom: Gold chain link bracelets from my Grandmother and a gold coin from my Mum - they are my good luck charms.

Flowers to fill your home:
Always seasonal, always Flowerbx.

Trick to keep flowers alive longer: Trim the stems and change their water everday - and don't let them get too hot or cold.

Green thumb life hack:
Hydrangeas drink from their heads. When they start to look like they're on their way out, submerge the
heads in water and they will be reinvigorated for a few more days.

How do you conserve energy in your home: Lots of cashmere and condlelight.

Favourite eco friendly product: Kit and Kin.

Favourite artist: Cy Twombly.

I exercise every day in every way I can, and it automatically lifts my mood without fail and increases my productivity.


Favourite market:
Pimlico Farmers Market.

Favourite spot to grab coffee or tea:
Over and Under.
Favourite breakfast spot: Granger.

Favourite recipe:
Chocolate Nemesis from River Café.

Favourite “easy” dinner to cook when don’t feel like cooking:
Avocado toast on rye with a poached egg.

Take out spot:
River Café at Home.


Favourite family tradition:
Sunday night dinner at Riva Restaurant in Barnes.

Favourite place to take your kids:
Hyde Park in the sunshine.

Most fun thing about motherhood: Starting and ending everyday with them.

Television mom you relate to the most: America Ferrera in Barbie.

Invention you wish you could create to make life easier: Another day in the week.

Hardest thing about being a mum: Keeping up with all of the school events.

What is your must have MC product for your children: “Manners begin at Breakfast”.

Life saving mum hack: A great nanny.

Parenting style: Laissez faire.


What do good manners mean to you: Treating others as you would like to be treated.

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to bad manners:
Not saying please and thank you.

Favourite old school rule of etiquette:
Thank you notes make all the difference.

Favourite rule of modern etiquette:
Girls can make the first move.

Hardest manners to instil into your children:
Pardon instead of "What?"

Favourite hostess gift you have received:
Osprey gold and silver salt and pepper shakers shaped like two chicks.

Stationery for thank you notes:


Favourite piece of jewellery: My grandmother's gold bracelets and an incredible diamond ring shaped as a flower that Tom Ford
gave me for my 40th from SJ Phillips.

Best new brands: WNU shirts, AGolde jeans and ATM T-shirts.

Favourite place to shop:

Style Icon: Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, always.

Most frequent worn item: Tom Ford “Whitney” bag.

Favourite style character: Anna Wiintour.

What’s on your wishlist: Peter Hawking for Tom Ford everything.


Favourite sunsscreen: Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops.

Favourite face mask:
Sarah Chapman.

Best beauty tip:
Tom Ford brow lessons from Tom Ford himself.

Favourite beauty product:
Tom Ford Illuminating Primer.

French pharmacy beauty find:
Homeoplasmine and Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (Whenever I'm in Paris, I always stock up.)

Recent beauty product discovery:
Sana Jardin Jaipur Chant.

Favourite store to stock up on all your beauty favourites:
Cult Beauty.

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